How to Start a Dieselpunk Group

In the last post we listed organizations that Dieselpunks could join to participate in International Dieselpunk Day. However, as the short list indicated there aren’t many. As mentioned, Larry Amyett in Episode 1 of the Diesel Powered Podcast discussed how to start an organization. For the convenience of our readers Mr. Amyett has provided information from the podcast.   

First, set up a web site. Dieselpunk is very internet driven. WordPress, Blogger… are all free and easy to use. Don’t forget to set up a Facebook page. Now that you have a homepage, the next big thing, to borrow a buzzword from business, is networking. Post to the two Dieselpunk message boards, and The Smoking Lounge, which is part of the Gatehouse Gazette. Both sites are linked to from the Diesel Powered Podcast web site. Social networking sites are great but don’t limit yourself to that. Go where the people are. I’ve found quite a few Steampunks who are also interested in Dieselpunk. In fact, many of the founding members of my North Texas Dieselpunk group are Steampunks.

Another good promotional tool are business cards. Many businesses will print you off some very nice cards at a very low price.

Now, once you get people lined up the next big challenge will be finding a location to meet. I was shocked by how difficult this was. Since you’re probably going to start small, a house party location might work. Some restaurants have meeting rooms that you can use at no charge. The downside of restaurants is that some require purchases, which not everyone wants to do or can afford. There are alternatives to restaurants. For example, The North Texas Dieselpunks are now meeting in a local library meeting room, which is much better because it gives us more room and we have access to multimedia equipment and sound system.

Now that you have it started, the key is to keep things fun and active. Get the members involved. For example, in my group members that want to give presentations on subjects that they have a passion for. If you know someone who’s outside your group but has knowledge on a subject, then as the officer or facilitator see if they will come in a presentation on a Dieselpunk related topic. In addition, go places and do things.

For further assistance on how to start a Dieselpunk organization you can email Larry Amyett at


One comment on “How to Start a Dieselpunk Group

  1. jazzfeathers says:

    There are so few dieselpunks here in Italy, I doubt I can start a face-to-face group. But Ihave a dieselpunk blog in case someone feels like visiting 🙂

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