How to Host a Speakeasy Party

One way to celebrate the International Dieselpunk Day would be to host a Prohibition themed Speakeasy party. Here are some web sites with recommendations to help Dieselpunks out:

How to host a swanky Speakeasy Party

Defying the Grand Experiment – How to Host A Speakeasy Party

Hosting a Speakeasy Party


3 comments on “How to Host a Speakeasy Party

  1. A speakeasy party is a great idea! Big Daddy Cool & The Swing Kittens will be doing one in Nashville for IDPD!

  2. […] say one wants to hold a Speakeasy party for International Dieselpunk Day as mentioned in a previous post. Of course, the idea behind the Speakeasy was the fact that alcohol was illegal in the US due to […]

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