Recently the owner of the German language Dieselpunk blog, Dominik Seemann, who is a supporter of IDD, interviewed Larry Amyett (our site web master and who was one of those involved in organizing IDD) about the International Dieselpunk Day.


Dieselpunk Italian Manifesto

We’re proud to announce a new supporter of International Dieselpunk Day! Our newest organization that has signed on is Dieselpunk Italian Manifesto. This helps to show that Dieselpunk is truly a worldwide phenomenon.



How to Make Cocktails

Let’s say one wants to hold a Speakeasy party for International Dieselpunk Day as mentioned in a previous post. Of course, the idea behind the Speakeasy was the fact that alcohol was illegal in the US due to Prohibition, which means you need drinks. The illegal liquor of the time due to Prohibition was not only sometimes dangerous but was also just downright bad tasting. Therefore, cocktails, which had been around for a long time, made a comeback.

Here’s a link to a site that gives recipes for 48 different types of cocktails.

Since not all of your guests make be willing or able to drink alcohol, here’s a site with some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes.

New Endorsements!

We’re proud to announce a new Dieselpunk organization that has endorsed the International Dieselpunk Day: The Western Pennsylvania Dieselpunks.

We’re also proud to announce that the Diesel Powered Podcast has also endorsed the International Dieselpunk Day.

Do you have an organization that would like to be listed on our web site as endorsing International Dieselpunk Day? Drop us an email. We would also love to hear from any website organization and blog owners who wish to be listed as well.

International Dieselpunk Day is a worldwide movement!