All Aboard!

Prior to Dieselpunk the term “Diesel Era” referred to the replacement of the steam locomotive with diesel powered engines. Even though the automobile had started to reduce the number of rail passengers, it was still a popular mode of transit during the 1920s – 40s. In addition, the 1930s – 1940s saw a period of unique train design with the development of the Streamliner.

Trains figure prominently in the movies of that time. Rick catching the last train out of Paris in pouring rain in Casablanca, Walter Neff throwing himself from the train in the Film Noir classic Double Indemnity, and Nick and Nora in the ending scene to the Thin Man are just a few examples. The train is an important image in Dieselpunk.

Therefore, one way to celebrate International Dieselpunk Day is to go for train ride. Since rail travel has nearly disappeared in the US, to help our American Dieselpunks here’s a link to a site with a list of tourist railroads in America.

All aboard!

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