More on Cocktails

So, you have your theme for International Dieselpunk Day set, guests list made and invitations have been sent, party favors purchased or made, however you’re still unsure about what to serve. You’ve read our prior post about cocktails but you are still looking for recommendations. Never fear. Dieselpunk John Wofford has provided us with a menu of cocktails that are perfect for any IDD party.

First Category is Real Drinks from the 1920’s-1950

The first drink here is the most popular drink in New York City during prohibition, it was found on every speakeasy’s menu in N.Y.C.

 Planter’s Punch (9oz)

 2oz dark rum

 1/4oz grenadine

 Equal parts sour mix and either pineapple or orange juice garnish with a cherry. Serve in a highball glass.

 Red Death (10oz)

 1oz vodka

 3/4oz amaretto

 3/4oz triple sec

 3/4oz southern comfort

 3/4oz sloe gin

 A splash of orange juice and a dash of lime juice. shake well with ice pour into a Collins glass.

 Side Car

 1 1/4oz cognac

 1/2oz Cointreau

 3/4oz fresh squeeze lemon juice

 Shake with ice, strain into a martini glass garnish with a lemon twist.

 Old Fashioned (4-5oz)

 2oz whiskey or bourbon

 A splash of simple syrup, a splash of bitters, and a splash of soda. serve in a rocks glass garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

 Whiskey Sour (4oz)

 2oz whiskey

 2oz sour mix

 Shake well with ice, strain into glass.

 For the last drink I have to teach everyone how to mix a martini. No it is not served shaken, a proper martini is stirred 32 times counter clockwise each revolution taking between 1 and 2 seconds.

 The Martini

 2 1/2oz gin

 1/2oz dry vermouth

 Stir with ice counter clockwise 32 times strain into martini glass garnish with olive. or a lemon twist

 Now the Diesel Themed Drinks


 1oz blue curacao (pronounced blue kara-sow)

 1oz triple sec

 6oz orange juice

 Mix/shake then pour over ice, serve in a highball glass.


 1 1/2oz whiskey

 1oz tequila

 2oz Kahlua

 Pour Kahlua into a rocks glass then pour whiskey and tequila into the glass at the same time.


 1 1/2oz southern comfort

 1 1/2oz tequila

 Pour at same time into a rocks glass.

 Nazi Qualik

 1/2oz amaretto

 1/2oz bailey’s Irish cream

 1/2oz Frangelico

 1/2oz Kahlua

 1/2oz vodka


 Pour all ingredients over ice into a Collins glass then fill with milk.

 Screaming Nazi

 1 1/2oz Goldschlager

 1 1/2oz Jagermeister

 1 1/2oz Rumple Minze

 Stir with ice, and then strain into glass


 1 1/2oz whiskey

 1 1/2oz gin

 Shake with ice, then strain into a lowball glass.

 And those are the Diesel themed drinks to vote on one last drink I’ll leave everyone with for the morning after. This drink is a legendary 1930 recipe created at the Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood as a hangover cure and became popular at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York.

 The Zombie

 1oz white rum

 1oz light rum

 1oz dark rum

 1oz apricot brandy

 1oz pineapple juice

 1oz papaya juice

 1/2oz 151 proof rum

 A dash of grenadine

 Shake all ingredients except for the 151 proof rum with ice, pour into a tall glass and top with the 151 proof rum.


Dieselpunk Anime Party

In a prior post, we recommended hosting a Movie Party as a way to celebrate IDD. An alternative would be to host a Dieselpunk Anime Party. There are quite a few Dieselpunk Anime to choose. Here’s a list of some Dieselpunk anime to help.


Metropolis (2001)

Last Exile

The Sky Crawlers

The Detective Story

Big O

Paths of Hate

Night Raid 1931

FullMetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa

Porco Rosso

Pumpkin Scissors


The Legend of Korra

Cluster Edge