Happy International Dieselpunk Day 2012!

The day is finally here! From the spark of a small discussion on Facebook arose a worldwide movement that turned into a wildfire. The idea was to set aside a day, a special day, for dieselpunks around the world to join together to celebrate this young and growing phenomenon we call Dieselpunk. 

In Dieselpunk, we capture the sophistication and elegance of the fashion of the 1920s, 30s and 40s and then incorporate it with modern tastes.

Dieselpunks pays tribute to the Greatest Generation that sacrificed so much to save the world from Evil incarnate and we relish the liberty they gave us with the knowledge that freedom isn’t free.

In Dieselpunk, we revel in the technological, architectural and scientific achievements of that golden era that still shape our world today.

Dieselpunk remembers the pain and suffering of our ancestors who struggled against poverty, pestilence and famine from events such as the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl and we thereby draw strength from them to help us make it through the hard times that we experience.

In Dieselpunk, we find inspiration from leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to help guide us in decisions that we must make that affect our personal and social lives.

Dieselpunks are realists and acknowledge the dark side of humanity by refusing to shy away from the despotism found in the Diesel Era such the resurgence of the Klan, the rise of totalitarian despots, and the growth of organized crime for we know the truth of the axiom that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

In Dieselpunk, we find an appreciation of the beauty and artistic wonder of the Fine Arts through remembering the Diesel Era renaissance with its Golden Age of Motion Pictures, the Jazz Age, and Art Deco.

Therefore, this is our day for us to celebrate. Today is the day for us all to stand proud and declare to the world that we are dieselpunks!


Special Announcement!

We just got the following word:

Victor Sierra:

Victor Sierra is happy to celebrate International Dieselpunk Day.
Their previous album “Electric Rain” will be on sale (-30%) on November 12th. http://victorsierra.bandcamp.com/ Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Victor.Sierra.band

Escape The Clouds:

In honor of International Dieselpunk Day, available is a a free 5-track Escape the Clouds dieselpunk sampler, spanning 3 albums: http://escapetheclouds.bandcamp.com/album/one-bullet-a-free-dieselpunk-sampler

RPM Orchestra:
In celebration of the upcoming International Dieselpunk Day – November 12, 2012, we’ll gladly start our festivities one day early (on Sunday, Nov. 11), with the release of an RPM Orchestra 3-song online EP…
“THREE USES OF THE KNIFE” — coming next Sunday.
DJ Facts.50

Joshua Pfeiffer from Vernian Process (a.k.a. DJ Fact.50) made a special mix for the celebration of the International Dieselpunk Day.

A special thank you to all of the bands and independent artists who’ve contributed to this fantastic celebration.

Counting Down!

It’s amazing but the big day is nearly here. International Dieselpunk Day is right around the corner! Those of us involved in this site are asking Dieselpunks around the world, after all of the partying is over, to send us photographs of your events so we can post here on the site. You can reach us through a variety of means.

We have two Facebook sites:



You can email them to this web site at dieselpunkday@yahoo.com